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After spending several months at the Spokane Humane Society, another few months in foster care, and one false start, this fun-loving boy found a new home with a wonderful couple in northern New Mexico.  It was a long journey, but Tango is finally home.

11/24/13: We are heartbroken to hear of Tango's passing.  Run free, sweet boy!



Only hours from being euthanized, some quick networking and fast talking saved little Duncan. He now lives with an Akita playmate and a great couple who will take them on lots of walks. Although he was only with us for a short time, he earned a permanent place in our hearts.   PAWS UP, DUNCAN!



WAG helped rescue Bubba from the Spokane County Animal Shelter where his owner had dumped him.  He was old and scared and unwanted. With the help of many caring people across the state of Washington, Bubba made it to Pasado's Safe Haven in Shelton WA where he will live out his remaining days. 

Update!    Bubba is living with Pasado's Director, Susan. He is part of a large dog family, always the first one in to eat his supper.

Update:  Sadly Bubba went over the Rainbow Bridge in the fall of 2005.   He will be sorely missed. Godspeed Bubba!  Run Free!



Harley had been in a shelter in Long Beach WA for several months when WAG was contacted for help. Coincidentally we had just received an email from someone looking for a rescued male to be a companion to a female Akita they had already rescued.  Harley was severely underweight and showed signs of abuse.  His new family was just what he needed.  You can see he is happy well-adjusted boy. His new dad says he is 100% Akita and a joy!  The two dogs are great companions, responding to love, attention and good food.


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Molly, picked up as a stray as a 6 week old puppy, was adopted by a wonderful family with two Akitas who live on the west side of the state.  From all reports, she has fit in beautifully, and is adjusting to her new life quite well.  Molly's dad built a two story condo for the dogs...  I think Molly picked a great home!



Honey was picked up as a stray in Rathdrum ID and taken to the Coeur D'Alene City Shelter.  She was just another unwanted senior Akita who spent over a month waiting for someone to take her home.  We contacted Pasado Safe Haven again and they wanted her.  A tag team transport of Troy, Cecille, Hilary, Robin, Robin's dad, and Bob, a border collie rescuer got together to take her to Pasado Safe Haven.  Honey has already been on a picnic and a river outing.  UPDATE:  HONEY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!



was a stray that ended up at the shelter 3 times in her short life.   When Cecille went to visit her, she knew this girl needed help finding her forever home.  But we had no foster space available.  A wonderful family complete with an amazing male Akita, (but that's another story-see our resources page) stepped up and said they would help.  Sweetie met Pam and George for the first time and it was pretty clear the foster would work out.  Pam and George and their Akita, Buddy, worked wonders with Sweetie.  After a short time getting acquainted, Sweetie and Buddy became good friends and Sweetie even taught Buddy how to come back into the house when called.  When Pam said they wanted to adopt Sweetie, what could I say.  What a happy ending for a great dog and wonderful family!



Lucy was a stray that ended up at the Spokane County Shelter. I couldn't resist her Akita dance when I met her.  She has been in foster care for almost a year and is a very sweet girl who loves to play with her toys.  She even tolerates cats!  Her foster mom has decided she is TOO sweet to give up and it seems Lucy has made herself at home.  What a lucky girl!

Update:  Sadly Lucy went over to the Rainbow bridge in late 2006  Run fast and free, sweet Lucy




Annie is finally home. She has been in foster care for almost 18 months.  She has made herself quite at home and loves to play in the yard.  She is always going to be timid and shy, but she will never have to worry about being abandoned again.  She can sleep inside and twirl around the yard when she is happy.  Welcome home, Annie.




April 13, 2005 Akoya the pure white pearl of an Akita came to join our family.  Akoya had previously been rescued by Anthony from a divorcing couple that left her outside and ignored for most of her early life, then they abandoned her altogether.  Anthony brought her to his Seattle home and spoiled her with lots of love and kindness.  Unfortunately, Anthony was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  He had no other family to take care of Akoya, who he called "his daughter", so his hospice team contacted Cecille at WARN.  Shortly after learning about Akoya we decided to adopt her.  It was the best decision we ever made. At twelve years old we know she doesn't have a long time left here, but we intend to make her final days her happiest. She gets walks on the beach, nightly massages, glucosamine, lots of cuddling and she loves to play with her new brother Ashi (two year old male).  They both sleep in our room  getting closer to one another each night.
Akoya has arthritis so we taught her to use a ramp to get in and out of our 4Runner.  Ashi has been using the ramp since he had surgery on his elbow dysplasia as a pup.  So being the old pro he would "demonstrate" for his sister.  When she couldn't make it up the ramp he would lift her hind end with his nose and nudge her up to the top.  Then he follows her up and covers her with kisses.  Every day those dogs make us laugh.  I think they are both happy and seem to smile even when they sleep.
Michael and I feel truly blessed and I think we smile even we sleep too!
Kathleen McGowan & Michael Mucha
Ashika (Ashi) Two year old male Akita
Akoya Twelve year old female Akita





I wanted you to know Yoshi has found a terrific home in Canada.  Thank you for featuring him on your website.  I wanted you to know you can remove the information now.  Below you will find a thank you from his new family and hopefully some pics they sent. 

well it's been two weeks since we adopted Yoshi, what an amazing dog he is! 
I want you to know that he is doing well. He has taken to our two daughters
and is friendly to their friends. Much to the dismay of the cat, Yoshi takes
no notice of her despite the occasional hiss she sends in his direction. I
have high hopes that the two of them will become pals in time. Gord took a
week off work and I am now at the end of my week of vacation. We have spent
a lot of time walking and working with Yoshi, letting him get used to us and
us to him. The girls have walked him too and he is ok with this. His
beautiful coat and good looks have many folks stopping and wanting to know
all about him when we are out on our twice daily walks.
We are having beautiful fall weather right now that is turning the leaves. I
have attached photos of Yoshi in the park that we live close too. I hope you
can open the file!!.





Rasha had been rescued by a well meaning family when her owner was dying. Sadly, she did not get along with their dog and they needed help placing her in a permanent, loving home. WAG posted her on our website and she found a new home within a few weeks!  Happy life, Rasha!





Meika and Keiko got away from their owners one too many times. I guess they didn't like being chained in the back yard. They ended up at the Seattle City Shelter and the owners refused to pay the fines.  So WAG stepped up to help these 2 young dogs.  Keiko was adopted by his foster mom and is best buddies with another young dog.  Meika was adopted by a wonderful family who had 2 other Akitas in their home.  She is being spoiled rotten and they love her dearly. What a happy ending for two dogs that weren't wanted.





Mack is an 8 year old fun-loving boy whose owner faced a terminal illness.  WAG posted Mack on our website to help him find a new home.  Sadly, his first owner has left him, but he has found a new home and is doing well.  Good luck and happy life, Mack!







Cheyenne was the second female brought home by Christine and Mario from the Willamette Valley Humane Society in Salem OR.  Christine and Mario fell in love with her and she and their younger male Akita, Dakota, got along well.  After Cherry found a forever home close by, they decided to keep Cheyenne. After all, she was older and less like to find a home.  And she had wormed her way into their hearts.  It definitely looks like she has made herself at home. 





Dakota was a "frequent flyer" at the Post Falls ID Animal Shelter.  This time, his owners did not come for him.  Who would ever adopt a 10 year old intact male Akita with cataracts?  Not to worry.  Dakota is now at Pasado Safe Haven in Sultan WA. He has followed two other old sweeties (Bubba and Honey) to this senior animal sanctuary.  He passed the Pasado temperament test with flying colors, once again proving that some Akitas can live well with lots of other dogs.  Dakota can now retire in a safe place with no worries. And he will have many canine friends in Dog Towne. Hugs!


Update:  Dakota is living happily in a Pasado foster home.  He is loved by all who meet him! 




Maddy came to us from the Willamette Valley Humane Society.  They could not place her because she failed one small part of their temperament test. The shelter director felt this special girl deserved a chance at happiness, so she contacted WAG.  Maddy spent several months in foster care until the perfect person came for her.  Maddy is now home. Here's what her new mom has to say: 

I am so indebted to you.  Maddy is such a special dog.  It's as if she has
been with me all of her life.  She is every bit Akita, and every bit a sweetheart.    I'm so in love!!!!

She loves her new toys.  She greets me with them in her mouth (like my other
Akita used to do).  She sings to me when I wake up.  Who needs a man when
you have Maddy around?  That is my new motto.

She is perfect in every way.
Don't worry about the food (I was prepared for that).  I had toys for her at
home but I'm a little sad she does not have her old toys to remember you all
by.  If you want to send the old ones you have my address.  I'm sure she
will appreciate them.  I can send you money for postage.
Thank you again and again.  You have made my present life with such a gift
as Maddy.  I'm honored that you trusted me to have such a special dog that
was obviously so close to your heart.






Samson's owners could no longer keep him so asked WAG for help in finding him a new home. We posted Samson on our website and they were able to find a new loving, Akita friendly home.  Glad we could help!









Maya has finally found her forever home with Mark.  Maya has already accompanied Mark to a rowing regatta, to several parks and  he hopes to take her on his ski trips.  He even lets her post messages on the Akita Forum - she dictates; he types.  Maya is adapting quickly to her new home and loves going on walks every day.   We are so glad this sweet young Akita has found a home at last.   She had lots of people pulling for her. We wish her and Mark many happy days together! 

UPDATE January 2009!   Mark and Maya enjoyed snow in Seattle this winter.   She has gotten so big and has SO many new friends.  She even goes boating!





Kobe is one lucky boy!   We were contacted by a shelter about a young male they considered dog aggressive so would not post him on Petfinder.  They asked if we could help.  We put out an urgent string of emails, posted Kobe on our homepage, and thankfully someone came to his aid.  Greg and Betty from Texas were looking for male companion for their rescued female, Kashi, an Akita mix.  Greg flew all the to Seattle to adopt Kobe.  Within a week, he and Kashi were best friends and Kobe had a new family.  He loves to go on rides with Kashi and on walks with his dad.  Kobe proves again how adaptable Akitas and that they should be judged as individuals.  Kobe  proved the shelter wrong. He was VERY adoptable!  Enjoy your life, Kobe!  You deserve it!










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