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Run Free at the Rainbow Bridge!


These dogs are gone, but never forgotten.  This page is dedicated to the memory of the beloved Akitas that touch our hearts and change our lives forever.

If you would like to add a WAG dog you have lost or post a message about them next to their picture, please contact us so we can update this page.


Anka was a sweet senior gentleman who was left at the Clackamas animal shelter.  Thanks to the care of his foster family, he was able to spend his final months in a comfortable and loving home.  Run free and fast, Anka! 

From his foster family:

You could tell by his personality that he was a good
and loyal dog, right up to the end.
Even at his old age he would stand his ground when
our younger dogs would get too close to him while playing.
And when the squirrel chase was on he was bringing up the rear.
In the short time we had him he made a great impression, he will be remembered always.

Mike and Tina.



  Tango, the first WAG kid, has passed away. He was such a special boy. He had spent several months at the Spokane Humane Society and is the reason WAG exists today. Robin Bridges volunteered to foster him and he lived with her for quite some time. After a few months with her, he came up to Spokane to live with Troy and Cecille. She was bound and determined to find him a home by Christmas, 2004.

One of the other rescue groups had an inquiry from a couple who lived in New Mexico and no group was willing to ship a dog there. Cecille thought this might be an opportunity for Tango, so she emailed them his story and photos and they fell in love with him. But New Mexico was SO far away.

She decided to drive him heself and they agreed to meet her in Colorado Springs. So she loaded up her trusty Subaru Forester and headed east, then south. Through snow in the passes and icy cold winds in Wyoming and crazed drivers in Colorado, they made it to Colorado Springs the week before Thanksgiving. He was such a good traveler, even waking her up in the motel in Colorado Springs when smoke from a nearby forest fire, made the room smoky.

His new family came to her motel to meet him and he ran right to them and their eyes lit up. She knew it was the right home for him. He had a great run - and we will miss him so much. Hugs to Robin. Run free, Tango.



We hope you are in a happier place now, Kuma.  Rest in peace.



Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae found a wonderful home to spend her golden years in. 

She will be deeply missed.  Run free sweet girl!





Bo (formerly Hammer)

We hope you are in a happier place, Bo.  You will be sorely missed. 






Run free Kuma!  May you be happier on the other side.  Thank you to Stacey and her family for caring for him.






Rest in Peace, dear Kaleo.  Thank you to everyone who helped make his last months as comfortable as possible.






  Thank you, Katrina, for opening your home and heart to this energetic boy. 





  Savika spent her last moments in the arms of her adoptive Mom.  She will be missed greatly.  Run free Savika! 





  Magoo was left at a shelter when his first owners moved.  After surgery to fix entropion in his eyes, he found a new home with a lovely family who already had Missy (another WAG orphan).  He will be missed very much by them.  Run free Mr. Magoo!





Nakita was a senior girl left at a vet clinic in Portland.  Luckily, Rebecca stepped in to be her foster mom until a permanent home could be found for her to live out her golden years.  Then Chris and Alice opened their hearts and their home to Nakita.  We are all sad that it could not have been for longer, but she was given the loving home she deserved for the final months of her life.  Run free, sweet girl! 





Griz was a senior gentleman being fostered by the Vashon Island Pet Protectors in Washington.  He was adopted after spending quite some time with them, but crossed over the Rainbow Bridge shortly after.  A big "thank you" to his adopters, for letting his final days be full of peace, comfort, and love.





Mikey AKA Kobe passed away in June 2012. Just a month after his friend, Nya. He and Keegan were best buddies when he first lived with Cecille and Troy. His first adoptive home did not work out, so he went to live with Robin for a while. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic Enzyme Insufficiency in 2007 and came back to Cecille again. Then a wonderful couple stepped up and adopted him. Very willing to deal with his condition. He was well loved and cared for. Nya was his new Akita friend. Run free, you sweet floppy eared dear!





On 4/13/12 we learned of Raja's passing.  Raja escaped from his first adoptive home and was on the run for two months before being found.  A good Samaritan took him to his own vet where they scanned him for a microchip.  That's how we found this sweet boy again.  Melissa Fisher and her family stepped forward to foster him.  And what a great job they did.  He was examined by a vet and miraculously, he was in fine health.  Just a bit dirty and stinky.  Raja had a chance to get used to home living again, playing with kids and making friends with Riley, the resident Akita.  Soon another home was found with Mary, Michael and Mokus - a very senior male Akita.  True to his nature, Raja fit right into his new home, making friends with Mokus and another visiting dog friends.  He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.




On 3/12/12 we learned that Inu has also gone over the rainbow bridge.  Safe journey, sweet Inu.  We will miss you.


Sydney passed over the rainbow bridge on 3/6/12.  Run free sweet girl!  Your family will miss you so much.


Ginger was well loved by her first foster mom Millie, and then Sue.  We thank both of them for being there for her during her final months.


Akira 11/9/11 - 2/20/12

Akira - your time with us was too short.  Run free, sweet girl, you will be deeply missed.




This senior boy found a special place in the hearts of his adoptive family. 

Click here to read Draco's adoption tale




Sadly Bubba went over the Rainbow Bridge in the fall of 2005.   He will be sorely missed. Godspeed Bubba!  Run Free!



Lucy went over to the Rainbow bridge in late 2006.  Run fast and free, sweet Lucy!




Dakota Sr.





You will be sorely missed by Mary, Michael and Raja.




Your families really miss you.   Be young again and play like a puppy.  



You tried really hard to fit in and we loved you for it.  You can be yourself now.



You were a truly loving dog.   All of us who knew you, will keep you in our hearts. 



Enveloped now in a giant hug you are free from anxiety and pain.



Found trapped and unable to move in deep snow,  this girl warmed the hearts of the Animal Control Officer who found her.  She made a long journey from Idaho to western Washington where she felt love and warmth from her loving foster mom.  Run free now in the warmth of forever sunshine.






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